How do I sign up?

For each child you would like to register for camp, you must:


Create a Gmail account

A Gmail address is required to connect to the camp’s virtual platform. All information about camp will be sent to this email address. Create an account

Choose your clubs

Choose two clubs for each week using this form.

Go to the YMCA’s secured payment platform

  1. Create a YMCA account (if necessary).
  2. Click on Activities and Courses.
  3. Click on Virtual Camp YMCA Concordia.
  4. Click on Show Courses.
  5. Add all the weeks that you would like to register for to your basket. For each week, you must select either the 9-12 age group or the 13-17 age group.
  6. Make a payment.
Access the secured payment platform


Following your payment, you will receive a purchase confirmation email. Then, you will receive an email from the camp team.
If you have any questions, please contact us:

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