Frequently asked questions - virtual courses

Thanks to our virtual campus, you can take your language courses from the comfort of your home.

To assist you in registering for language courses at the YMCA, we’ve prepared a step-by-step guide of the registration process. This guide will help you understand the required
steps and explain how to easily complete them on your own.

Registration companion guide

We’ve created a Google Classroom Access Guide to help you access your virtual “classroom” before you start your course. 

It will also illustrate the difference between the “Classroom” and “Meet” applications. It is important that you test your access to these applications BEFORE the start of the course to ensure everything is functioning properly on the first day of the course.

Google Classroom Access Guide

For the best online course experience, you must have the following equipment:
• A well-functioning computer is preferable to a tablet. Avoid using your phone for classes that are longer than one hour in duration.
• Windows 10 or later.
• Properly adjusted and functional built-in or peripheral webcam and microphone.
• High-speed Wi-Fi or cable Internet.
• The Google Chrome browser is required.
• Make sure you close all apps and programs on your computer before logging in and starting your class.

The platform where you will find you course materials, such as the link to the live classroom, your homework (if applicable), additional information, etc. This is also where you can chat with the instructor or other class participants if you have any questions, for instance.

The virtual “space” where each live class takes place. It can be accessed through a link associated with the course in
which you are enrolled. This link can be found in your Classroom.


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