A challenge for youth

By participating in the 2022 YMCA Challenge, you are not only engaging in invigorating physical activity but you are also helping your kids integrate movement into their lives.

The YMCA Challenge is a fundraising event that supports the mental, physical, and collective health of kids and teens.

Your participation in the Challenge will help:

  • Provide families with financial assistance for our activities and programs, so that everyone can be a part of our inclusive and caring community.  
  • Offer the companion service to children who have different needs and diverse abilities;
  • Develop physical literacy activities that foster a love for physical activity in children!

Providing Financial Assistance to Families

We firmly believe that going to the YMCA is an incredible opportunity that promotes the overall development of children. The Y’s financial assistance program allows all children to have an enriching experience, regardless of their family’s financial situation.

Support for Our Companion Program

Every day in the news, we hear about children and adults alike facing exclusion. By participating in the YMCA challenge, you are making YMCA programs accessible to as many people as possible. And you are making a huge difference not only in the lives of the children themselves, but also with their entire families, families just like Clara’s.  

A Helping Hand for Our Physical Literacy Program

Learning how to move is just as important as learning how to read and write. Our society is increasingly exposed to sedentary activities, and our kids spend too much time sitting. Let’s show them how to enjoy being active again! The Y’s physical literacy program teaches kids how to swim, throw, and jump using educational tools and fun games. 

How to Participate?

Visit the Participant Zone or Company Zone to learn how to join the movement.

Join the YMCA Challenge Facebook group!

Discover the challenges of other members and share your successes!

YMCA Holiday Raffle

Support youth in your community and get a chance to win fabulous prizes!