On your own or with your family, join the Challenge!

Define your objectives for each challenge

Fitness Challenge

For example:
Run 5K, walk 10,000 steps a day, beat your push-up record, swim 100 laps, participate in three virtual workouts a week, eat a green vegetable at each meal…

Mental Health Challenge

For example:
Spend 30 minutes outdoors every lunch hour, plan a weekly virtual dinner with friends, meditate 10 minutes a day, dance to your favourite song every morning…

Community Challenge

For example:
Create a photo album with your kids and send it to grandma and grandpa, plant a tree, a garden, or flowers, support local growers or artisans…


CRYSTAL ribbon (5000$)

Benjamin Grecoff

GOLD ribbon (2000$)

Aline Fellmann
Anne Drost
Charles Côté-Lépine
Danièle Mackinnon
David Latour
Eugenia Nannas
Fabien Caillette
Maria T. Agostino
Stéphane Vaillancourt

SILVER ribbon (1000$)

Art Campbell
Catherine Laramée
Claudie Imbleau-Chagnon
Je Me Donne En 1000
Nancy Audette
Patricia Dionne

BRONZE ribbon (500$)

Eric Trudel
Étienne Talbot
Melissa Azuelos
Véronique Lettre et Léopold Bichon

How to participate

  1. Click here and create a fundraising page by clicking on “Fundraise.” You can then choose to fundraise on your own, create a team, or join an existing one*.
  2. Personalize your welcome message with your three overall health goals.
  3. Make a donation to support the YMCA camps on your individual page or on the page of the person you want to encourage.
  4. Share your fundraising page and rise to the Challenge!

We use Simplyk, the only platform for non-profits giving us 100% of your donations. A contribution to support them will be suggested at confirmation.

Fundraise like a pro

Here a few simple tips to successfully launch your fundraising campaign:

  1. Use the digital tools to promote your participation in the Challenge on your social media.
  2. Share the link to your personal fundraising page by email and on your social media.
  3. Let people know how your fundraising is progressing.

Want to maximize your fundraising? Consult the Fundraising Guide.

*If you are already participating in a Y program, contact the person in charge to see if a program team is planned.
*Is your company participating in the Challenge? Visit our Company Zone to join your team.

Questions? Contact The Foundation at 
514 849-5331 ext 1249 or at

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