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thank you for your participation in the 2022 YMCA Challenge!


Achieve three personal goals and support accessibility and inclusion across all Y programs.

Fitness Challenge
Mental Health Challenge
Community Challenge

What is the YMCA challenge?

The YMCA Challenge is a festive, inclusive event held in Montreal and Quebec City by the YMCAs of Quebec Foundation. The event promotes physical, mental, and collective health in our communities while raising money for our financial assistance, Companion, and physical literacy programs.


After a very successful virtual event last year, we decided to transform this year’s edition into a hybrid event.

  • Participants register online and set three challenges: a fitness challenge, a mental health challenge, and a community challenge. Visit the Participant Zone for ideas and to get inspired. 
  • Participants create their fundraising page and promote their challenges with their entourage asking them to donate and support the cause. 
  • From June 1 to June 17, participants have fun tackling their three challenges.  
  • On June 18, participants are invited to our closing day festivities at the Notre-Dame-de-Grâce YMCA in Montreal or Saint-Roch YMCA in Quebec City—a day full of activities to celebrate the end of the Challenge!
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Before the pandemic, over 7,500 children, teens, and adults received more than $1.27 million in financial assistance annually. For this reason, reopening our programs and facilities over the course of 2022 will have a significant impact on requests for financial assistance. The YMCA Challenge will help address the needs of those who receive this financial aid. 

Raise money and support the overall health for everyone

By participating in the 2022 YMCA Challenge, you are doing something good for your own health and helping us support the health of kids, teens, adults, and families.

This year the money raised through the challenge will support:

  • Our financial assistance program to remove financial barriers for individuals and families who would otherwise not have the means to participate in our programs. 
  • Our Companion program so all kids, regardless of abilities and needs, can participate in our day camps. 
  • Our physical literacy activities to help kids discover the joys of being active and how to adopt healthy lifestyle habits.

Check out the Facebook event for the unveiling of the full program!

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